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ATLANTIS CITY ver. 1.2 (Updated Version)

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Kit Description:

The Atlantis city (35 cm in diameter) has undergone massive changes:
  • all three piers with drone launchers have been completely redesigned, it has completely different details and some buildings have been added.
  • the city now also contains a name in the form of printed letters in the language of the ancients on two details at the end of one pier
  • all the buildings and towers have been completely rebuilt and the buildings in the middle part of the city are separate, each with an appropriate imprint, so that they can be easily placed and so that they can be better lit and painted.
  • a scale-like detail on the underside has also been added, and all the pipes as well as the detail of the sensor antenna part have been completely changed.
  • alignment pins were added
So far, I have built two Atlantis cities from this new KIT. You can see the result in the photos below, the construction took several months and in total more than 1000 optical fibers were used and 40 buildings including the towers were lit by using 69 LEDs.

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Tom Paris (Perys)

Czech Republic


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