KIT ALERT – Fantastic Plastic – T Zero 13 (Tango Sierra One Three) from “Assignment: Outer Space” (1960)

T Zero 13 (Tango Sierra One Three)
from “Assignment: Outer Space” (1960)
Price: $85.00 + Shipping

About the Design
Featured in the 1960 Italian sci-fi film “Assignment: Outer Space” (also known as “Space-Men”), the T Zero 13 (called “Tango Sierra One Three” in the English dubbed version) is an “old atomic-powered spaceship” the movie’s intrepid heroes send on a suicide mission to destroy a runaway space probe on a collision course with Earth.

Unlike the sleek “winged ogives” of the previous decade, the T Zero 13 represents a leap forward in sci-fi spacecraft design, incorporating the functional, modular look popularized by Dr. Werner Von Braun and Krafft Ehrike.

About the Model

  • Scale: 1:288
  • Material: Resin
  • Number of Pieces: 29
  • Two-Piece Display Stand Included
  • Master by John Fleming
  • Casting by Millennium Models International (MMI)
  • Decals Designed by JBOT
  • Decals Printed by CMR Products
  • Length: 9 inches

Allen Ury


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