KIT ALERT – Fantastic Plastic – NEW RELEASE! Pathfinder Atomic-Powered Space Shuttle from “For All Mankind”

Atomic-Powered Space Shuttle
from “For All Mankind” (2019-Present)
PRICE: $70.00 + Shipping



About the Design
Launched in an alternate-history 1983, Pathfinder was a second-generation space shuttle originally designed to ferry men and material from Earth to lunar orbit. Air-launched from the back of a specially modified Boeing 747 jet transport, Pathfinder would ascend through the remaining atmosphere via conventional chemical rockets, then be boosted to escape velocity by a NERVA-style atomic-powered engine. After completing its lunar mission, it would return to Earth and land like conventional airplane.

When tensions between the still-powerful Soviet Union and America began to rise over claims to lunar mining rights, the U.S. Air Force took control of the Pathfinder project and armed it with ship-to-ship missiles so it could serve as an armed escort for the giant sea-launched Sea Dragon rockets now carrying supplies to the Jamestown lunar colony.

Appearing in Season Two (2020) of APPLE+’s hit alternate history series “For All Mankind,” Pathfinder is clearly based on the venerable U.S. Space Shuttle whose career lasted from 1981 to 2011. Its back end was significantly modified to add two air intakes, new engine exhausts, and the NERVA rocket engine. The shuttle’s single tail was doubled, each tail now set at the wingtips.

About the Model
Scale: 1:200
Number of Pieces: 18
Length: 6.5 inches
Two-Piece Display Stand Included
Pattern: Alfred Wong
Casting: .JPEG Productions
Decal Design: JBOT
Decal Printings: CMR Products

Allen Ury


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