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CR-90 Blockade Runner / Falcon kit

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

Upgrades – Interior with 16 crew members is $45
– Falcon is $75

Plus Shipping


Kit Size: 90cm (3FT) in length and weighs 6.7kg

Kit Materials: Resin

Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location

Shipping: World-Wide

Kit Availability: AVAILABLE

Payment Methods Accepted: (Modeler Magic always recommends protection using PAYMENT OPTIONS such as PAYPAL or SQUARE **Utilizing Credit Card Protection**, Or use eBay or MERCARI for BOTH Purchaser and Seller Protection.)

Kit Description:

Built-in 3D using Modo I printed the master parts on a Form 3 resin printer that produces highly detailed prints.
5 parts of the kit are FDM printed, most are cast in resin with the high detailed plant on parts being printed on the Form 3 printer.

The entire model is held together with super-strong PVC pipe that is screwed on at both ends.
The engine block is designed in such a way that the engine modules simply slide in with only the side modules screwed in.

This then holds the central engine in place.
There is an option with a modification to mount the kit from below, sides, or rear just like the movie filming miniature.

For those more adventurous I provide 2 upgrades sold separately.
The first is an interior set that is the head and central section, a mod on the kit will be needed to add these.

The kit comes standard with a cockpit with 5 characters including Princess Leia.
The second upgrade option is to convert the Blockade Runner to the original Falcon design as done by Ralph McQuarrie back in 1977.

Lighting can easily be added, I designed the parts for this and will add great realism if done.
Once built the kit can be completely disassembled into 9 main sections making adding lights later easy or it can be glued together.

For the paint job I used Tamaya fine primer then Tamaya AS-20 Insignia white as a base coat, both are from a spray can.

For detailing I used a wash of Vallejo that was sanded, then Tamaya powders and airbrushing for finer detail.

The cost of the kit is $645
Upgrades – Interior with 16 crew members is $45
– Falcon is $75
I add 5% on the total for transfer from Paypal to my local South African bank account.

I provide a link to my Box account to all kit buyers that has all the references I used in making the kit as well as a detailed build document.
There are also build vids on my Youtube channel under the name Dynamic Digital Creations.
My Facebook page had regular updates on kit progress.
Please visit my website to see my other kits.

To contact the SELLER direct, please click the CONTACT SELLER link below.

Tony Celliers


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