KIT ALERT!! COMING SOON from JOSLIN-FX (Nathaniel De”lineadeus) – The Mandalorian – 48″ (121.9cm) 1/18 RAZORCREST Kit!




48″(121.9cm) Long!


(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

Prospective Price: £1550

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 1/18 at 4FT X 3FT X 2FT

Kit Materials: Fiberglass, Resin & Clear epoxy windows / Steel Bar Landing Gear

Number of Pieces: 294

  • Main Hull: 13 + 8 clear
  • Engines: 96 Pieces
  • Guns: 28 Pieces
  • Front Landing Gear: 9
  • Rear Landing Gear: 16
  • Landing Gear Covers: 8
  • Side Doors: 20 Pieces
  • Rear Door 14 Pieces
  • Cockpit and rear room: 37 Pieces
  • Lower Hull Interiors: 46
  • Top

Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location. Shipping will only be a trusted tracked shipping service to make sure it reaches its destination. No cheap untraceable services will be used or accepted by buyers. [Shipping label will be labelled model kit and given as low value as possible, so “If any” form of import duties based on import values on the customers end should be at its lowest] The first test casts will be used to measure and acquire the correct boxes and weight, before I will be able to give any true shipping quote. I will endeavor to get every international shipping quote so I may be able to give immediate shipping quotes.

Shipping: World-Wide

Kit Availability: text

Payment Methods Accepted: PAYPAL me @ (Modeler Magic always recommends protection using PAYMENT OPTIONS such as PAYPAL or SQUARE **Utilizing Credit Card Protection**, Or use eBay or MERCARI for BOTH Purchaser and Seller Protection.)

Kit Description: This MANDALORIAN RazorCrest was Hand Mastered by me (NOT 3D PRINTED) in 1/18 scale. I utilized a figure scaling chart to know the different size miniature scales, and to know how well a figure would work with particular scale replicas in 1/18 Scale. It is made utilizing a mix of media reference, between the 2ft Studio Shooting Miniature & the Studio CGI Model, as both are slightly different. The Studio Miniature was built Pre Production and the CGI Model evolved throughout the first season. I have kept the price as low as possible. Please keep in mind the material cost and time it takes to cast the kit, being that the finished kit is so big at 4ft X 3FT X 2FT. By it’s mass alone, it is as big as the main body of a 1/6 scale AirWolf!

Nathaniel De’Lineadeus

  • “KIT FORM” [4FT X 3FT X 2FT]
  • 2 x Studio Scale – 1/18 True scale – Star Wars The Mandalorian RazorCrest Model Kit.
  • **INTERIORS** Included In The Kit & ALL OF THE KIT BODY PARTS [See photos]
  • Masters Finished! Hand Mastered by Me. “Not” 3D Printed
  • Fiberglass, Resin & Clear Epoxy Windows / Steel Bar Landing Gear
  • Main Body and engines: toughened filled Polyurethane skin with glass tissue backing
  • Clear Parts: Quality UV Epoxy Clear, so no yellowing or dulling.
  • All other parts: Polyurethanes and Polyester special filled resins.
  • Landing Gear: Will have 12mm Steel rod cast in side.
  • Main Body and engines: toughened filled Polyurethane skin with glass tissue backing
  • Molds should be ready in the next 7-9 days.

I am hoping the Kit will take 2-3 days to cast each one, as I have over 50 molds, to produce over 150 pieces.

…”This Is The Way”

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Nathaniel De’Lineadeus

United Kingdom



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