KIT ALERT! Alfred Wong / Korbanth Sabers – 1/48 Imperial Lambda-class Shuttle




1/48 Imperial Lambda-class Shuttle

$489 USD + shipping

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Seller)

1/48 Imperial Lambda-class Shuttle

Kit: Korbanth Sabers/Sith Planet (from my patterns)

Finished size: 16.5″L X 30″W X 23″H

This is the kit produced from my patterns produced by Korbanth Sabers. The castings are excellent, although my original patterns have been much simplified, I do understand that would be the case to keep costs down. I do admit that I am a bit bummed that the folding wings did not make it into the final kit though. The main hull is now a single large casting, although it is hollow the walls are very thick, so there’s no way to re-introduce the folding wings. The overall fit is very good and not much clean-up is needed.

Alfred Wong





Alfred Wong


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