KIT ALERT!! 1:48 OBLIVION Bubble Ship from Fantastic Plastic




OBLIVION Bubble Ship

*Kit Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models BubbleShipBoxArt-500

*Kit Scale: 1:48

*Kit Materials: Resin, Vacuform, Metal

*Number of Pieces: 41

*Kit Price: $90.00

*Shipping Amount: $10.00 North America, $23.00 worldwide

*Shipping Restrictions: None

*Kit Availability Date: Now

*Payment Methods: Paypal, Check, Money Order

*Kit URL:

*Kit Description:

“Oblivion” (2013) featured mega-star Tom Cruise as a high-tech fix-it man charged with maintaining a fleet of security drones on a post-apocalyptic Earth. His main ride was the “Bubble Ship,” a super-sleek jet helicopter-like vehicle designed by Daniel Simon.
Inspired by both insect anatomy and post-WWII Bell 47 “Whirlybird,” the Bubble Ship could carry two adults and was equipped two twin-barreled rotating machine guns. As demonstrated late in the film, the vehicle was capable of spaceflight as well as traditional atmospheric operation.

Fantastic Plastic’s Bubble Ship kit features clear vacuform cockpit components, swiveling machine gun turrets, and the choice of resin (in-flight) or white metal (landed) landing gear.
Scale: 1:48
Number of Pieces: 41
Pattern: Ed Holt
Casting: BLAP! Models
Decals by JBOT

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