Khurasan Crawler by Third Fate Creations, Steve Hughes

I am not sure what to say about this creation of Steve’s other than…. I LOVE IT! I especially love his paint work!

Its a Khurasan Miniatures Dictator. Designed for 15mm but I think it works great for 28mm. I wanted this model to scream high-tech sentinel mech that you do not want to mess with.

I made a few minor modifications replacing the leg cannons with “shield generator orbs”, replaced the head cannons with parts from an Iron Wind Metals aerospace fighter wings to make “pulse rifles”, and remounted the dorsal cannons on their sides which I thought looked nicer for a mech that sweeps a path of death before it. All airbrushed except for reflective spots on the face optics. This guy stands about 2-3″ tall and is about 6″ in diameter. A nice surprise is the way its made allows the legs to move after you assemble it. Though I still had to paint it in parts then assemble it as you can only get an airbrush around so many tight corners. This guy is hard to take pictures of as he was finished glossy. It adds a nice high-tech feel to him but means you have to be very careful taking photographs to reduce glare.
Happy modeling everyone!







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