Introducing the Cylon Builders Club!

A new club for builders has been formed…. The Cylon Builder’s Club!
This club focuses on building life size Cylon replicas from the classic BSG series Cylons , New BSG series Cylons and Caprica U-87 Cylons.

We focus mainly on life sized Cylons from the new series, and we still love the classic cylon so a life size replica is the next best thing. There are several “kit” makers of the classic cylon armor that can offer their services on our forum.

As stated above, I do like the classic cylons, but I prefer the look of the newer ones and the U-87 which is why The Cylon Builders Club was formed as I’m sure many other people would like to build their own replica and with the resources combined of many builders and one place to offer this group of builders is the Cylon Builders Club which contains a database for members to post 3d files, CAD files, production files and many more to help aid others in making their own replica.
We are aiming to have our cylons made in metal and fiberglass.  I myself have already begun making mine and the head is now finished as seen here in one of our FORUM threads

The clubs main site is here

The clubs forum is here

The clubs official youtube channel is here

Stay tuned…..My goal….to build a life size U-87 Cylon!

The Cylon Builders Club


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The Cylon Builders Club


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