In Progress PART 1 – Nostoromo with Narcisuss Shuttle by Marc Elkins

As usual, master artist Marc Elkins is doing what most dare not do…. scratch build very LARGE, extremely detailed pieces! This Narcissus is actually being built for his own collection, and shown as part of the bottom of the Nostromo from 1979’s ALIEN. As you can see…. even his docking area matches doors with the Narcissus shuttle model! I am very much looking forward to showing more progress on this piece as Marc sends photos!

Here are a few words from Marc…

Here are some in progress shots of the garage section that will house the shuttle, the gangway pod attaches perfectly to the shuttles hatch on the back of the model, as you can see both doorways are the same, it happens to be a shot in the film that doesn’t get seen too clearly, but it adds to the realism that the modelers wanted for the film. The garage section is retractable to replicate the actual miniature. This is only one section, I still have to finish detailing it and then move to the rest of the Nostromo’s sections as seen in the film, the crazy thing is that the modelers for Alien gave the ships extremely rich detailing for as little as they were shown. It will make an interesting display piece once it comes together and everyone is able to stand under it. For viewing, everyone looking may want to rotate some of the pics as the model is being built upside down until it will mount onto its armature.

Marc Elkins



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