“I Have You Now!… WHAT?!!!” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Racing down the Death Star trench, Darth Vader and his ever so confident TIE Fighter Wingmen have nothing to fear as they pick off the pathetic Rebel Scum Pilots, and their falling apart fighters from reaching their goal….. until now!!! THEY have now become the targets by Captain Han Solo speeding in from above!

Using the blue screen photos of the Lasse Henning Vader TIE build, and the NICE-N Model Designs Studio TIE that R.L. Bleecker built for the collection,… and an actual screen capture from the A New Hope Star Wars film, I was able to reproduce this excellent scene where arrogance becomes a deadly attribute. The scene itself with the exploding TIE and Laser is what WAS used from the film, while the Vader X-1 and the TIE on the viewer’s right are what replaced the filming models in this scene.

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The Blue Screen Photos were taken with a Canon REBEL XTi by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global Inc. utilizing the industry filming blue screen back drop sold by eefx.com.

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