HUGE! Time Machine by Stephen Howarth of Model Miniatures

Again I have the great pleasure of introducing a fantastic artist to this gallery. From the U.K., artist Stephen Howarth of Model Miniatures! This first piece was made for a film that is shown below. Absolutely stunning work! Especially it’s design concept!


The Time Machine was originally conceived and designed for a childrens TV show of mine and was a more whimsical design.As I developed it, it moved away from that and got more serious. I wanted it to look like it could actually do what it was supposed to do and so has that test-bed science feel, like that of the Hadron Collider, more interested in function than form and aesthetics.
The QUANTUM BEAMS after a slow build-up, eventually rotate fast enough to cut a tunnel in space time. the traveler goes into the past or into the future, depending on which end he enters the space (across the gantry). It could be a one way trip, or, a set date could be arranged whereby the machine is activated and a portal appears for our traveler. I have a film idea for this too.
Made mostly from Perspex and styrene and a few cast parts. the filaments are acrylic with micro LEDS at both ends. off and on, it took 2 years to complete and has traveled up and down the UK and even to France and was worked on there. It measures 5 foot by 3 foot by 2 foot in the case and weighs approx 75lbs. I am looking to sell and will entertain offers around £10,000.



Here is the video showing what it looks like when operational in the film

Plus a film of the actual model in France before bringing it back to the UK.

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Stephen Howarth


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