HUGE! 71.6 Inch Gunstar Shebathon – LEGO Build by Garry King

Garry King is truly the KING of Lego SciFi building! I am continually blown away by his massive creations!!



Another class of Colonial Gunstars.

A new design by me as a bit of a variation to add to the BSG Universe.

I found myself thinking of a weird practical style, as I pondered with how I was going to build the Cylon Tanker from the original series. Which went wrong at the time…. This became the basis for this build. Long tubular looking compact and then it came to the head …MMMMM?????????. It started out to be typical of the Galactican style. Then as I built the head it just looked wrong . That was scrapped and I decided to build the bow that Stephan designed as an alternative for the Battlestar Berzerk. That was the look I wanted… NOW it looked the part as a resemblance to the Egyptian Papyrus . In my eyes. This Gunstar was completed in March this year. I have been side tracked for some time. Now it is time to release this to the world


1820mm X 530mm X 250mm

71.65 inches X 20.8 inches X 9.84 inches

128 Studs X 69 Studs X 32 Studs

The engines I illuminated within with led lighting and used trans-yellow bricks to enhance the color. I was impressed with the glow they provided to the internal bricks.

This build is just another fun way to extend the imagination within the BSG Universe and no doubt there will be good, great and the bad, mixed comments as I got with the design of the Rubycon. The greatest part is that there is no right or wrong with people’s imagination just that people can imagine and create their ideas and have a wonderful time doing so. I enjoy seeing all the varied and very imaginative builds that everyone has created. Some just floor me with their captivating jaw dropping beauty and the outrageously creative way they were built.

I applaud the creative LEGOHOLICS out there.

Just in case you and before you say there was no such Gunstar. I will say this Gunstar was going to be named == GUNSTAR ORION ==……Sadly when my mother’s dog died on the 7th October this year I decided to re-name this Gunstar after her. Her name was Sheba. Now my hairy super dog is the last of his line

Thank you for taking the time to look at this build.





Garry King

LEGO & Model Miniatures

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