HUGE! 50 Inch Enterprise 1701 Refit – WIP by Joseph Melvin

I have the pleasure of introducing Joe Melvin to our online gallery. Joseph’s work have been noted for some time in this art form and beginning with this fantastic project of his, we are now looking forward to showing those works. 4 Inches longer than the DeBoer kit we have shown here in the past years, this 50 inch Enterprise is magnificent! Digitally mastered by Joe’s friend John, then printed, this is surely one of the largest Enterprise projects to have parts cast from perfect masters. I am very much looking forward to showing the progress on this build of Joseph’s.


Here are a dozen, or so pictures of the ship in various stages of construction as well as the Helm / Nav Base I’m working on for the 50″ and a Refit build. The CG stuff is of the actual CAD model.



Joseph Melvin

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