HUGE!! 1:12 (31 inch) Colonial Viper – WIP by Marc Elkins

The amazing 1:12 Viper that was released a few years ago by MSLZ22 Models is just that…. AMAZING! Of course we have seen some fantastic builds of that kit as well…. including this work in progress by artist Marc Elkins! This sure to turn out world class like everything else Marc produces! Here are progress photos…


Got the armature shaft built into the Viper and the holes drilled for the prewire, and the stand built, should have it finished in about two weeks, plus I have the never before seen “Laser Torpedo” feature being built into the nose with light effect, this is what Apollo meant when he said the Vipers would clear the mine field with Laser Torpedos in the pilot.
Here are just a few pics, test fitting the major parts after prepping them for install, the stand mount shaft is in and the provision for the power adapter plug to the rear of the stand mount, the electronics are on order so it set me back, I would have been more than half way done by now but the supplies will be here next week so by the weekend I should have a major update, the model came with a goofy looking intake fan for each engine but it didn’t have the studio look to it so I installed screen meshes that appear more like the studio models, the pics don’t show it well but it looks far more realistic now.













Here are the Decal Markings that are being utilized…


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Marc Elkins




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