” Grey Ghosts ” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn ( Kuhn Global )

Flying fighter cover for the Rebel Y-Wing bombers, The Grey Ghost Squadron fought valiantly in the Battle to destroy the Death Star. Flying their newly more agile design for dog fighting, they carried extra fuel in their side tanks to stay with the comrades in the larger X-wings and Y-wings. Keeping the Empires laser turrets and TIE fighters busy while the Y-wing and X-wing squadrons did their job in the trench… they fought well indeed…until the Sith Lord himself took them all out. The Grey Ghosts will live on… in the future generations of brave squadrons to come.

Using the blue screen photos of the fantastic build that professional builder R.L. Bleecker did from an amazing kit, and using a screen capture from the actual last battle of A New Hope, I was able to create this scene of added imagination.

To view this piece in it’s original resolution, please just click on the photo below…


The Blue Screen Photos were taken with a Canon REBEL XTi by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global Inc. utilizing the industry filming blue screen back drop sold by eefx.com.

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