GREAT Article of Noted Artist… GARY KERR by Fred Pollard

Every so often this art form is recognized through more than just the models created. Sometimes even the model creators are due-fully noted! Such is this article by Fred Pollard with regard to famed artist Gary Kerr! This is well due, and very earned. Being this article is not from Modeler Magic, I will simply link to it for all to see.


Some notes sent to me by Gary regarding his interview…

Well, one of the local newspapers must have been starved for something to write about again, because they did a feature on some of my Star Trek work. They’ve saving my work with the Galileo shuttlecraft for a follow-up article. Btw, I completely disavow the “Big Bang Theory” quote at the end of the article, which was the reporter’s attempt at humor. Dammit, Jim, I’m a designer & archivist, not a game-playing fanboy! LOL… that stated, I gave him a better quote about being an archivist & historian: Whenever a new project turns up I also become a sci-fi archaeologist, as I track down every scrap of information about the history and design of an artifact so I recreate it in miniature (or even full-size) as accurately as possible. It’s not unlike traditional archaeology, and is sometimes just as dusty!



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