Galaxy Quest VOX Plasma Effects Kit from VooDooFX & Roberts Engineering



Voodoofx & Roberts Engineering have designed the ultimate electronics kit. VOXLK-1 gives all the parts to light up your hand prop in one custom designed lighting package. The hardware including battery system fits all inside the model kit with light modification to prop, that’s down right amazing!

Vox Photos 2010 A 013

“Please watch video link bellow it’s a must to see it in action.

(Kit Includes)

1- 3 port circuit boards” TESTED”, hook up wire, 2-coin cell batteries, 1-battery holder, ON/Off switch, clear acrylic lens, specialized diffusion material, and full instructions

(Features) Random light generator “PLASMA EFFECT”

(Price $49.99+S/H)




Vox Photos 2010 A 001

Vox Photos 2010 A 010

Vox Photos 2010 A 015

Vox Photos 2010 A 013

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