“Found Adrift” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Coming back to the newly constructed Death Star from an outer rim patrol, the ISD Avenger (and here sister ship Accuser) have in tow a mystery vessel found floating adrift in deep space…. unoccupied. “Clearly this is a battle ship of some sort.” Vader thinks to himself as he looks from afar aboard his flagship Executor. It looks very old… and obviously very used in battle. The Emperor will be pleased with this new, ancient trophy. But where did it come from?

After being approached to do this scene by professional modeler Marc Elkins (the master modeler who build both the Avenger and Galactica in the shot), using the photos her provided HERE, and a description of the scene he was imagining… along with a screen capture or two…. I was able to create this new scene.

To view this piece in it’s original size, please click directly on the photo itself…



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