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Stephen Dymszo


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I would like to think that this is the most-accurate ESB Millennium Falcon model ever made. I have several reasons for saying that:

-While I was at MR, I spent several days at the Lucasfilm archive measuring, digitally scanning, and photographing the original filming miniature. I was able to physically handle the model, so I wasn’t impeded by crowds, glass, and bad lighting like so many other fans who examined the model while on public tour.

-I was also able to document each color used on the original model with a Pantone chart by touching the charts to each area of the model until we had a match. I used this reference when re-painting my model.

-I spent 18 months managing the MR model’s production, so I became very familiar with every little detail of the original.

-We also worked with several consultants who gave their own unique insights and were very familiar with many of the original kit parts used in the miniature’s construction. A few years ago, we discovered that there were ten parts that had fallen off the original filming model during the prior 20+ years. But fortunately, several of us were able to identify the missing parts and I purchased and installed them on this model. The MR replica, as-produced, is missing them.

-For whatever reason, on the underside of the MR model, it is missing one of the laser-blast gouges. I have no idea how that got lost from the scan-data, but it did. Using my archive reference photos, I re-placed it on my model.

-Lucasfilm wouldn’t allow us to add figures to the cockpit, but a very talented artist had produced after-market figures, so I added them to my replica.

-Lucasfilm would also not allow us to put any “English text” on any of the MR replicas. But the original filming model was covered in names from the various ILM artists and in-jokes. I had extensively photographed all of these, and I added them to my model; some in rapidograph pen, some in pencil. I carefully matched the writing styles; one was even in Korean! Some markings are down in crevices, so unless you had hands-on access like I did, you wouldn’t even know there were there.

-The MR model was very nice, but we had to make about 2000 of them, so the factory missed some paint details, or the weathering was simplified for production. E.g.; they missed about 60 of the “hash”, “double hash” and “closed rectangle” marks. I added EVERY one. There are also various geometric symbols drawn in pencil on the original. Those are missing on the MR. I drew them back on mine.

-The original model was also covered in an extensive “spatter pattern” done in three different colors (tan, gray, and yellow). The MR model has some of it, but I repainted it to match as exactly as practical. It is interesting to note that the spatter doesn’t appear in most photos I have seen on-line, as it usually gets washed out by the lighting, but when you see the model very-up-close, it is readily apparent. I also matched all of the weathering as closely as-possible. I worked on one section at a time, noting and adding each streak, stain, and the various markings in that section before moving onto the next section. So using all of this info, I spent over 70 hours completely repainting and re-working the MR model. I am not aware of anyone else who has used this combination of the very-
accurate MR model with the additional weathering, spatter pattern, hash markings, ILM names, and adding back all of the missing parts. So THAT is why I think this is the most accurate replica in the world! 😉

Stephen Dymszo
SD Studios






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