FOR SALE!! Hasbro Toy A-Wing Studio Conversion by Jared Wynn


Star Wars


Hasbro Toy Studio Conversion

$400 OBO

Beautifully converted from the Hasbro Toy into a fantastic display model, this piece was painted to resemble the actual studio model used in Return of the Jedi!  Painted and offered by one of the design artists of the Battlestar Prequel series, 13, this piece will sell quickly, so don’t wait!

‘Here’s a Kenner A-wing that has been converted to appear as a filming miniature. Detail has been removed from the original look and new detail applied for a better overall look to the exterior of the model. It’s static, it has no armature or lights. This was a mere experiment to see if I personally could create a studio quality miniature. At the time these photographs were taken i had misplaced the laser cannons, but I have found them and they need to be reworked and attached to the model, this would be no problem at all and would take little time to do. I am asking …. If there are any questions or requests let me know at or contact me at (208)-871-8572. And please, serious inquiries only. Once an offer has been considered method of payment will be decided upon.’
Jared Wynn

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