FOR SALE!! – Star Wars – Millennium Falcon in Mos Eisley’s Docking Bay 94 (Hangar Bay 94) on Tatooine – DIORAMA


Millennium Falcon


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Kit Description:

“The Millennium Falcon “Dock 94” Diorama, is a unique, hand made display, of the Star Wars “A New Hope” Dock 94 scene. Created in 2015, and completed in 2016, it has remained in my collection. A client was unable to take delivery, and after many years, it has returned to my possession. Once again for sale, at a discounted price, it can be part of you Star Wars collection!

The Dock 94 background was entirely hand-made, using Styrene Sheet sections, Special Textured Applications, Airbrush Techniques, Metal Parts, and many Internal Lighting Effects. The Millennium Falcon is a customized 1/72nd kit, with a multitude of Metal after market parts, including Paragrafix Laser Etch sets, and scratch-built details. The Lighting Effects are a stunning blend of actual Movie versions, and a “Fantasy” augment of never before seen possibilities! The Interior-of the Cockpit, Gun Bay and numerous Hull insets, have extreme lighting details. The entire Ship is Enamel Airbrushed, and Hand Painted, in high quality Enamels for longevity. The weathering effects, are taken straight out of the reference material found, on this amazing Icon of Science Fiction!

The Rear Engines classic Blue Lighted Grille, is a 1/72nd 3D print of the actual version, sent in by an ILM Tech, who kindly supplied it for this effort!

From the quavering (As in a chugging Generator) exterior/Interior Lights, denoting the “Bucket of Bolts” description, to the Defense Perimeter Gun, lowered from it’s Blue Lighted Chamber! This display features and incredible assortment of features. Even the Gun Bay has the distinct Red Lighted Targeting Screen, that Luke first faced off with, the Imperial Force’s dreaded Tie Fighters. Right down to 2 Stormtrooper’s, in highly detailed Armor, doing their Night Watch duties.

Enclosed in “Star Fire” Glass, which transmits the Multi Effect Lighting system through out! Literally no cost was spared, down to the Sand Blasted “Dock 94” lettering etched in this specialty Glass!

The Display measures 29” x 20” x 14”, and features a Remote Control for the Enclosure Lighting effects, and 3 Side controls for various looks. The entire display is powered by a Plug-in Power source.

A One-of-Kind offering, and it can be yours!”

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“To go where no modeler has gone before!”

Simon “Papa Smurf” Mercs




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