EVEN MORE!! Detailed 1701-A Studio Model Photos from Mark Dickson

Photographed at Foundation Imaging by industry professional Mark Dickson,….. Mark found even MORE of these photos he personally took of the beautiful Enterprise 1701-A than we were able to show in earlier months HERE. These photos show MUCH more detail and internals of the studio model than ever before seen.

Again… I wish to thank Mr. Dickson for providing his extensive library of reference so that the masses may learn and create from what the older professionals we all admire created for us to dream. Thank you Mark!

Without any further type…. here are another 97 hi res photos of this beautiful studio model!

Second Update today!!! I just received another 16 hi res photos of this shoot at Foundation Imaging with Mark and Jim Creveling! Thank you again! So… now instead of 97, there are 113 new photos of this beautiful studio model!

KG_MD_1701A_STUDIO_MODEL 077-sized

KG_MD_1701A_STUDIO_MODEL 069-sized

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