Enterprise Shuttle Bay for Star Trek Continues – Built from Drafts by Gary Kerr

Below you will see some fantastic CG work of the Enterprise shuttle bay that was built using the draft works of famed artist Gary Kerr! I LOVE THIS!!


The next episode of Star Trek Continues premieres online on Saturday, Feb 8, but I got a special link to an advance copy of the episode. The episode features about 3 seconds of a computer-generated model of the hangar bay that was made from blueprints that I drafted for their CG graphics artist. The plans required a surprising amount of research and took a couple weeks to draft, and the model will play a more prominent part in future episodes – hopefully with the wall colors corrected.

Below is a link to the episode, and below are a couple screen caps of “my” hangar bay.



Hangar bay 1

Hangar bay 2

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