Dr. Who T.A.R.D.I.S. by John Beaulieu

This fantastic piece really caught my eye when this great artist, John Beaulieu, decided to show it on the modeling board Resin Illuminati. I could not believe what I was viewing as it appeared full size on the beach! A master of perspective photography this artist turned out to be as well as a master modeler! As you can see… this piece is not even a foot tall. Beautiful work by artist John Beaulieu!

Here is what John has to say…

Kit: Airfix Dr.Who Welcome Aboard
Painted with Krylon Satin Blue, washed with Tamiya grey and flat black
Modifications: Replaced the speaker with a compact bass speaker, replaced the blue LED with a white one.

The pictures were taken with an Olympus Stylus 1510 SW, To simulate the sense of scale, I would lay down on the sand to take the picture, to get a closer “straight ahead” view of the Tardis (if there is a more ‘professional’ sounding term for I’m describing, feel free to sub it in)

The location is a public beach in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. There was a lot of water evaporating from the sand, giving a slightly misty look to the pictures. I was hoping that individual mist swirls would be visible, but I thing they were lost due to the macro setting on the camera.

Thank you for looking!


John Beaulieu,

Gentleman Adventurer






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