DOOMSDAY Machine U.S.S. Constellation by Barry Yoner

I again have the great honor of introducing another up and coming artist to this Gallery…. modeler Barry Yoner (aka SAVION)! When I first viewed this piece I was quite impressed with what Barry did with it. The torn up decks are just one aspect of this battle torn Starship….. his changing of the deflector dish really made this model change for me! It took me more toward the filming model rather than just being a kit! BRILLIANT! Barry’s weathering of the burnt out decks… as well as the detail within them is stunning and captures the essence of this vessel quite well! An excellent first piece shown for modeler Barry Yoner!

To contact artist Barry Yoner for his services, or with questions, please click HERE!

Conny damaged 3sm

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Conny damaged 4sm

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