Dodge WC-62 Squad Personnel Carrier built by Jim Lewis


Yet another masterpiece of our military history has been captured by master modeler Jim Lewis of GunTruck Models!

Here is what Jim had to say…

Here’s a new project in the works. There’s a Holiday Challenge going on on one of the AFV modeling forums I frequent where a member is putting on a friendly event challenging members to build a model during this time – from December 20 to January 4, 2009.

You can do anything you want to it, select any subject – just finish the damn thing!

Well, these are hard to resist, so I jumped in and selected a truck to model. I simply cannot build anything strictly Out of the Box-style. So, that is my challenge. I am afraid if I don’t resist the temptation to tweak something – I won’t make it!

My entry is the outstanding Skybow (now AFV Club) Dodge WC-62/63 Squad Personnel Carrier. If you have never built Armor, or Softskins, then you’d be in for a treat with this kit. It is simply the best 1 1/2-tonner yet done in 1:35th scale. It’s one of the all-time best out there for wheeled vehicles, so good that an OOB build renders excellent results for most modelers.

In one long (13 hours) day – I got the miniature virtually built.

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