Cylon Raider Artisan Replica, Signature Edition sold by QMx

A beautiful piece offered by QMx, from the shop of The FX Company. Photos by Sideshow Collectibles.

Signed by The Cast and Producers of Battlestar Galactica!

Quantum Mechanix is pleased to present our first Artisan ship replica – a screen-accurate, scale recreation of the Cylon Raider interceptor. Each Battlestar Galactica Artisan Raider will be handmade by the special-effects professionals at The FX Company, whose commissioned pieces sell for as much as $50,000 (to see a gallery of some of The FX Co.’s work, click here). Thanks to our partnership with The FX Co., we are able to deliver this elite ship model, complete with seven-layer prismatic paint and lighting effects, in an edition of 500 replicas for just $949.95 each.

But that’s not all. By special arrangement with the BSG production company, each Artisan Raider will come with a numbered brass and lucite plaque signed by one of the cast members/producers of Battlestar Galactica:

Jamie Bamber (Apollo)
James Callis (Baltar)
David Eick (Executive Producer)
Tricia Helfer (Number 6)
Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh)
Mary McDonnell (President Roslin)
Ron Moore (Executive Producer)
Edward James Olmos (Adama)
Grace Park (Boomer/Athena)
Michael Rymer (Director/Producer)
Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck)

Rather than charge extra for these signatures, we will be randomly inserting them into each Raider box. You will be guaranteed to get one of the signatures above, you just won’t know which one until you get your Raider (for those who order more than one Raider, we will ensure each comes with a different signature).

The Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider measures 15″ x 9.5″ x 3″ with a total display height of approximately 7″, including the painted, textured asteroid diorama base. Paint details on the Raider include prismatic iridescents and multiple, textured metallics – which change hue depending on how light hits the replica – and weathering done in several layers. Lighting effects include the scanning/sweeping red LED “eye” and randomly flaring white engine lights. The Raider’s lighting system runs off a 12-volt transformer.

The Cylon Raider Artisan Replica is 100 percent handmade in the United States.

The raider design has been authenticated by Eric Chu, creator of the BSG Raider concept, and includes a Certificate to that effect. The ship comes packaged in a high-density polyethylene case, surrounded inside by multiple layers of form-cut soft foam to ensure it arrives safely.

Celebrate one of the greatest science-fiction TV shows of all time with this rare, exquisite example of the special-effects artisan’s craft.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Cylon Raider Artisan Replica is a hand-built, made-to-order precision replica. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery from the date of order.

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