COMING SOON!! KORBANTH Purchases NEW and OLD Original Patterns for Future Kit Releases, and RE-Releases!!



Freshly Purchased Patterns

For NEW and OLD Kit Releases!

KORBANTH has just completed a few deals in which they acquired 5 new and old kit master patterns which they will now release, or RE-release under their own banner! Here is what KORBANTH owner, Randy Johnson, has to say…

“KORBANTH is very excited, and pleased to offer some kits that were meant to be released under another kit makers banner initially, and of which we have now purchased and acquired to instead release under our own. They are the ORIGINAL patterns made by famed miniature model makers and artists Alfred Wong and Chris Kelley! We at KORBANTH have recognized that there is still a demand for the kits we are about to offer, and since there are no others doing so with any known public releases, we shall do our best to get the fans what they have have asked for. We shall be releasing one at a time, so continue to watch the Modelers Miniatures & Magic Site for those KIT ALERTS. I do ask for patience. We will release them as we are able to make those quality kits for you to purchase.”
Randy Johnson
Korbanth Sabers

Just acquired (purchased) are the master patterns for:

1/24 (Studio Scale) TIE Fighter X-1 from the Chris Kelley Patterns

1/24 B-Wing from the Alfred Wong Patterns

41 Inch!! Blockade Runner from the Chris Kelley Patterns

1/24 (41 Inch!) U-Wing from the Alfred Wong Patterns

38 Inch!! Republic Star Destroyer (RSD) from the Alfred Wong Patterns

KORBANTH Kits already for sale on the KORBANTH Sabers Site are:

1/24 T-70 Resistance X-Wing from the Richard Long Patterns (Enhanced by Mark Worley)

1/24 Studio Scale T-65 Rebel X-Wing (Patterned & Enhanced by Mark Worley from the ICONS X-Wing)

38 Inch!! Super Star Destroyer Executor from the Mark Worley Patterns

27 Inch Wide!! Star Destroyer Bridge/Neck Section from the Mark Worley Patterns

18 Inch! Death Star with Stand from the Mark Worley Patterns

1/24 A-Wing (Ralph McQuarrie Design) from the Richard Long Patterns

COMING SOON Releases!!

~42 Inch Wide!! Star Destroyer SUPREMACY (Snoke’s Star Destroyer) from the Mark Worley Patterns

~36 Inch! First Order DREADNOUGHT Star Destroyer from the Alfred Wong Patterns



Randy Johnson


Photo from the Alfred Wong 41 inch U-Wing Patterns

Photo from the Chris Kelley 41 Inch Blockade Runner Patterns




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