COMING SOON!!! (13 inch!!) Serenity’s MF-813 Flying Mule from QMx

With Serenity now safely on her way through The Black to Browncoats everywhere, it’s high time we talk about our next replica: The MF-813 Flying Mule.


For our second Firefly/Serenity vehicle, we wanted to deliver to you the expert craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from our studio-scale works. And who better to make your Mule exactly the way you want it than you? That’s right, our Flying Mule replica will be the first authorized, pre-painted replica kit from The Verse. Every part is hand-painted resin and keyed so it can only fit in one place. All you need is a little glue and about a half hour and you can build your very own Flying Mule.

The Mule replica was designed by the same team that created our Serenity, and you’ll notice in the gallery below the same attention to detail and screen-accuracy. The major difference is this time you get to supply the muscle putting the roughly 30 pieces that comprise the kit together. Everything from the controls to action-figure-scaled seating is there. We even include a sculpted diorama base with simulated sand.

Heck, we’ve even designed her so she can be displayed in two modes – the special effects mode where the Mule hovers over the sand on two clear acrylic risers and the propmaster mode where you can place her on a prop dolly, just the way she’s currently stored on Universal Studios’ backlot.

There are a couple reasons we decided to make the Mule our first pre-painted kit: First, it’s fun build, not too challenging for novices but with enough complexity to entertain even experienced model makers. Second, the paint master for the Mule looks picture-perfect when assembled. There really is no qualitative difference between you building her and us, so why should we have all the fun?

The third – and perhaps most important – reason is we really wanted to support the hobbyist. There are tons of talented Browncoats out there we just know are going to want to add their own touches to their Mule replicas. Lights, photo-etched details, grenades…

So, what do you think? Like our latest replica? Like that you’ll have a chance to build her yourself? We’d love to hear what you think.

The mule itself is 13″x6″x4″ (not including the side fins) and the base is 15″x11″. The development work is done so all we gotta do is make ‘em. I’m going to guess and say we’ll be shipping by this summer.

As for the price, nothing’s final yet. But it will be *much* less expensive than the BDR (of course). Keep in mind it’s heavy resin, not lightweight styrine like most prepainted kits, so it costs a bit more from a raw materials standpoint. But having said that I think you can expect it to price out in the range of other high-end, licensed prepainted kits you may have seen from folks like Kotobukiya.

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