COMING SOON! 1:1000 U.S.S. Emette mastered by Scott Spicer

As seen in the fantastic Star Trek series ENTERPRISE, here is the U.S.S. Emette! Even though we saw very little of this vessel (only in the opening credits) it showed the progress of what we know as the Starship Enterprise we all know! This piece will be a kit offered by Fantastic Plastic!

Here is what Scott has to say…

The USS Emette is a little know, hardly seen ship from the Star Trek Universe. It appears in the opening credits of ‘Enterprise’. I was commissioned by Fantastic Plastic to create the master. It was a fun little build, but very complicated in the various hulls shapes. The master, in 1/1000 scale is approx. 2.5″ wide x 5.5″ in length. There are 10 parts in total.

Scott Spicer

SRS Prototyping, LLC


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