COLLECTOR ALERT!! Serenity Takes Flight by QMX

Transmit Date: 25.02.2010

Serenity Takes Flight


Earlier shown HERE, this masterpiece that was originally mastered by professional modeler Kip Hart is ready to go! This is what QMX has to say of this masterpiece they now offer!


It was a long time coming, but I’m very happy to announce the first Serenity left the hanger earlier this week and is on her way to her new owner.

We thought on this happy occasion, we should share some new pics of our girl and a nice little video we created showing off the “Hard Burn” effect and the reactor “throb”. Lots and lots of time and effort have gone into getting her just right. Hopefully with these pics and the video, you can see we’ve done everything in our power to make sure every ship that leaves our dock is as shiny as we can make her.


Speaking of shiny – you might notice a new feature we added since last we shared pictures – the galley windows are now lit! The more we looked at her, the more we couldn’t let her go without adding that last little detail.

We are now building Serenity’s in earnest (check some of the build photos in the gallery below).

One last thing: We announced late last year that fellow Serenity licensee and Browncoat artist Jason Palmer had volunteered to create a limited edition art print to celebrate the launch of our girl. We’re very grateful that Jason lent his talent to our humble little project. Once again, Jason demonstrates the best thing about being a Browncoat is other Browncoats :-)

In the gallery below we’ve included an image of Jason’s print. The only way to get this print is with The Big Damn Replica. Just another small way we’re making her special for the folks who invest in Serenity.

To contact QMX Direct regarding this masterpiece they offer, please click on their banner below…


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