“Chasing TIE’s” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Racing above the gigantic Death Star as it approached the fourth moon of Yavin, (where the Rebels are making their last stand), Biggs Darklighter is having fun chasing and destroying as many TIE Fighters as he can. He remembers the arrogant Empire pilots during his brief stay at the Academy and is now showing them that ‘skill’ is more than just piloting a fighter, but in the “guile” of the pilot behind the controls!

Both the TIE Fighter in the foreground, and the pursuing Red 3 X-Wing were built by modeler Mark Swilley from Cory Harvey TIE Fighter kit from MONKEY WORKS, and the old V-1 (or Captain Cardboard version) of the MSLZ22 X-Wing Kits that are now out of production. The background used with the banking TIE  Fighter is an actual screen capture from Star Wars – A New Hope!

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