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SG1 Goa’uld DEATH GLIDER scale replica by QMx

When I opened the box of this beautiful piece, I could not believe how detailed it was! Every scribe line perfect, as was the subtle weathering on the beautiful paint scheme of metallic blue!...

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Collector Alert! Stop Motion Luke on Tauntaun Replica from Guy Cowen & Jim Davidson

What can I say about THIS piece?!! It is pure perfection in every way! Guy Cowen, and his colleague Jim Davidson, managed to bring to life this beautiful Stop Motion Replica from Star Wars Th...

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ALERT!!! 1:180 (19 inch) FIREFLY Serenity from QMx

What can I say about QMx’s choices for replicas…. except that they are ON THE BALL!!! This beautiful piece was originally mastered by professional modeler Kip Hart!


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