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1:2500 Daedalus from SG1 by Ian Lawrence

Built from the fantastic kit (mastered by master artist Barry Murray), this is the second Daedalus that professional modeler Ian Lawrence has shown on this Gallery...

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1:24 F-302 Fighter from SG1 by Jerry Stipp

Built from the now “out of production” Saltire Technologies kit (mastered by Barry Murray), this piece was given it’s due justice by master modeler Jerry Stipp...

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DEATH GLIDERS – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

This piece was done using the Blue Screen Photos (SEEN HERE) of the fantastic finished piece that QMX released! This piece is truly a must have for all sci fi fans!

To view this composite in it...

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QMX Death Glider – Composite Artworks by RIDER

Using the Kuhn Global Blue Screen photos of the QMX Death Glider shown HERE, master artist RIDER made these composites look like they were from the actual television show Stargate – SG1!!! As u...

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SG1 Goa’uld DEATH GLIDER scale replica by QMx

When I opened the box of this beautiful piece, I could not believe how detailed it was! Every scribe line perfect, as was the subtle weathering on the beautiful paint scheme of metallic blue!...

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PRODUCT ALERT!!! Goa’uld Death Glider Replica by QMx

Quantum Mechanix does it again with this NEW release of the Goa’uld Death Glider! Designed to be in scale with, and the counterpart to the F-302 (seen HERE… and HERE) this piece is graceful as ...

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“Wraithwaxers” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

These two man craft certainly live up to their name for the 1st TFW “Wraithwaxers”…...

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SG1 F-302 Fighter from QMx

I was sent this last week from QMx! Let me say how beautiful this piece is! Especially for it’s size! This piece was created exactly from the original CG files used in the television show Sta...

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Unas SG1 Demons by Dean Dymerski

Here is a recognizable face from SG1’s third season!  Dean Dymerski certainly has shown to be a complete professional artist in every way. Simply a beautiful piece!

To contact Dean regarding his serv...

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1:48 Wraith Dart built by Chris Ford (SciFord)

Professional artist Chris Ford has done it again with his build of this fantastic kit! From Stargate Atlantis, the Wraith Dart! A beautiful build from a very well done kit mastered by Alfred Wong.


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