Building the Studio Scale Klingon Bird of Prey by NICE-N Model Designs

Artist Steve Neisen of NICE-N Model Designs has forwarded this art form more times than many realize! He brought us many of the studio scale kits we enjoy today, and continues to do so with his next offering…. the studio scale Klingon Bird of Prey! That is right… Commander Krug’s vessel as seen in Star Trek III – The Search for Spock, and Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home! The beauty you see being built here is going into the Clay Brown Collection and orders for these can now be taken! Realize the cost of such a kit, however, is quite astonishing until one actually looks ate what it takes to create and build it! So don’t be shocked with an inquiry! I can say this is TOP NOTCH model making, and Steve is doing a great job! Enjoy the photos!




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Steve Neisen


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