Building FOUR Half STUDIO Scale Battlestars – WIP of Dan Grumeretz

Just having completed the Star Destroyer Avenger, artist Dan Grumeretz is again hard at work, this time building FOUR 37″ Battlestar’s (from the famed MSLZ22 Kit). Dan is building one of these as the Galactica for the collection of Mark Haberer, and the other three will be Fleet Battlestar’s (yet to be named) for the Kuhn Global Collection. Dan is taking extra care in replicating as best as possible the finer details that are on the 6 foot studio model, including the correct lighting patterns. Currently, what you see below are the body’s held together by bolts which Dan will eventually epoxy the parts together. He is also drilling all the window ports before moving forward. Take a look.




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Dan Grumeretz


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