Build Submission – BTTF3 Train and Car Diorama Presented by Ray Vaughn

Build Submission – BTTF3 Train and Car Diorama

Hi Everyone I would like to share this 1/15 scale custom B.T.T.F.3 Diorama.

It took a Year of building this 2021 piece. A Facebook hobby guy message message me saying “I live right down the street from the real Train (Sierra railway #3) and sent me a bunch of pics. Plus I used DVD and internet references.

It was hard, challenging, But I Loved every moment of the “Building Journey ” I customized the DeLorean with scratch building parts and real wires. I very lightly used 220 gritt sand paper to give me the stainless steel grain finish. There’s wood,metal and plastic parts through out.






Ray Vaughn


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