Blade Runner 44 Inch HERO Spinner photos from Jean-Marc Deschamps

I received an email from known Industry Professional Gene Kozicki a few days ago with a very nice contribution from his friend in France, Jean-Marc Deschamps!….. More excellent photos for the 44 inch HERO Spinner Studio Model from Blade Runner!

Jean-Marc Deschamps is a writer for Histoire & Collections, a firm that publishes top notch WWII and military books in France.  Jean-Marc is also a dedicated and very capable sci-fi model maker – and a fan of “Blade Runner”…. like all who are viewing this share from him now.

I wish to thank Mr. Jean-Marc Deschamps for his sharing participation so that artists all around the world may re-create what we have all dreamed since viewing these models in the movies.


Here are a few words from Gene Kozicki and Jean-Marc Deschamps regarding the Spinner…

We can offer very little information on how this model got to where it is.  No one that we’ve talked to that was connected to Blade Runner can figure out how/why/when the hero Spinner made it over to the La Cinematheque Francaise.  Near as we can figure is was some time in the early – mid 90’s.  The model is on loan to the museum, and has been used in a variety of displays.

About the Spinner in general – The 44″ Spinner (roughly 1/4 scale) was one of several Spinner models built by EEG for the film.  Ironically, it was overbuilt for what it was ultimately used for. A 15″ Spinner (approximately 1/12th scale) did most of the work in the film.  Because the large model was so bulky, all of the fly-by’s past the billboard and
the Tyrell building were done using the 15″ model.  An even smaller 4″ model (around 1/48th scale) was made but never used.  Castings of this piece (with wildly varying quality) have been circulating for years.  The small 1 1/2″ long Spinners were reserved for shots of the Tyrell building  where you can see one or two parked spinners.  If you look
really carefully, you will see streams of flying cars in traffic patterns.  Those traffic patterns were done with animation on a motion control art stand and did not utilize any miniatures.

To view MORE photos of this Hero Spinner Studio Model, please click HERE.

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