AVATAR’s CG War Vehicles

I was so impressed with AVATAR’s story, and CG effects! Director James Cameron completely had NEW technology developed (that he paid for out of his own pocket) in order to bring this amazing movie to life! And LIFE it certainly displayed in all it’s CG beauty! The fantastic Navi people were extremely well done, and even more specific to this Gallery’s interests were the CG War Vehicles used. Some of these were based on actual new technology for flight! The opposite spinning rotors sitting on top of one another within their also rotatable circled cages is especially notable since that is the latest, and fastest technology for Helo flight today. And that technology was just barely announced! That is how far these fantastic designs went into realism and still with fantasy to back them up! In any case… I thought a few photos of these fantastic vessels should be seen here….

Please enjoy these openly available hi resolution photos of these wonderful vehicles from AVATAR!


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