“ATTACK FORCE” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Getting used to this T-65 X-wing was more difficult than Luke thought it would be…. but then…. the fighter assigned to him was an old rust bucket that had seen a lot of action. Since this was his first flight with Red Squadron, and they were on their way to the fight of a lifetime, Luke thought he would drop down and swoop over to one of his Wingmen… Wedge Antilles of Red 2 for a last quick operation question. However, as they get closer, the massive Death Star first appears to them orbiting the planet Yavin,.. taking Luke’s breath away yet again… and completely stunning Wedge. Luke’s question is cut short as the two pilots look at each other through their shining canopy glass in silent reverence.. knowing this may be their last battle indeed!

Using the photos of the amazing RED 5 build (SEEN HERE) for Capt Drew Sheppard by master artist R.L. Bleecker, and grabbing a recognizable CG scene from Star Wars – A New Hope S.E., I was able to drop in the RED 5 build to describe the story above.

To view this piece in it’s large size… please click directly on it…


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