APOLLO’s VIPER – A Salzo/Reis Studio Scale V2 Kit built by R.L. Bleecker

Apollo: “No way those guys can outfight us without a 10-to-1 margin.

Zack: “Apollo, look at your scanner… “

[a solid wall of Cylon ships is chasing them]

Apollo: “No, but 1,000-to-1, that’s not fair.”

And they did anyway! With the guidance of this well trained, level headed, stick jockey named Apollo! Always looking at the sensible, he leads Blue Squadron to Hell and Back again!

This beautiful model was built by R. L. Bleecker to be better than the original studio models. He well succeeded in that task… and beyond! The kit is the Mike Salzo and Mike Reis studio scale release that I absolutely believe to be the most accurate in every way to the perfect Viper we have all wanted since 1978. Outstanding jobs by all involved in this pieces creation!


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