ANH Star Destroyer DEVASTATOR Studio Model Photos from Michael Plante

Collector Michael Plante recently emailed me photos of his recent visit to the Star Wars tour, which included a model that changed everything for me in 1977… the Devastator. While I am disappointed in what repairs have been made to model by the shop that takes care of them (as they repositioned the antenna on top to be flat when the original was standing) (Bad Dogs! NO BISCUIT!! 😉 Joking of course.), I am extremely pleased that photos like these continue to emerge for the art from to view. Thank you Michael for sharing these with the world!


I was lucky enough to grab a few tickets to the last foreseeable tour of some of the greatest models of the Star Wars realm this past weekend. Here is just a quick set of some of what I saw, I’ll forward more over the next few days as I took over 400 pictures knowing this was the last time these pieces would be on tour for a while now that the big mouse owns everything! For your viewing pleasure, the Devastator in all of her 3 foot glory!! As you can see, the antenna array has been replaced!






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Michael Plante


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