KIT ALERT! 31 Inch Nautilus with Lights by Randy Neubert

This is one of my all time favorite fantasy designs… the Disney version of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! Professional modeler Randy Neubert made wonderful work of this Custom Replicas kit by adding his own VoodooFX lighting kit into it to make it come alive! A beautiful build by master building Randy Neubert of VoodooFX!


Here are some details of the fantastic VoodooFX lighting kit used for the piece…

Engine Sound Effect Available

(This Lighting Kit fits)

31″RC  20-K Sub Model Kit

Kit includes:

3 – Pro 8 driver boards

24 – Super bright LEDS

Hook up wire

2.1mm DC power jack

9 Volt wall transformer

Full illustrated instructions

(This kit requires electronic building skills.)

Soldering and wire make up is required.

Nautilus Lighting Kit $139.95

To Contact Randy Neubert of VoodooFX for his services, or to order VoodooFX lighting kits, please click on their banner link below…


To inquire into this Custom Replicas Kit, please click on their name here… CUSTOM REPLICAS

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