KIT ALERT!! 1:9600 BERZERK mastered by Scott Spicer

This beautiful kit was mastered by professional modeler and pattern maker Scott Spicer for Alliance Models, and on sale at Federation Models! It was patterned after the hit 2 hour Battlestar Galactica episode RAZOR was released…

…here is what Scott has to say about this fantastic kit!…

This is the master pattern of the Berzerk, from Razor, created for Alliance Models. It is 1/9600 scale , 4″ in length. A very challenging little kit, created in four separate parts, loaded with tiny details. This kit is still available for purchase.


For inquiries into Scott Spicer’s SRS Prototyping and Pattern making services, or to PURCHASE the shown, please click the banner below…


Just click on the link below to gain access to Federation Models to purchase this kit.




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