1:72 TIE Fighter scratch built by R.L. Bleecker

In October 1996 Star Wars model had yet to see anything about TIE Fighters. AMT released a TIE Interceptor, but for some reason the TIE Fighter had not been done yet. In steps my friend, and professional modeler, R.L. Bleecker. Robert new I wanted a TIE Fighter and decided to scratch built the wings, and use the TIE Interceptor Cockpit ball and arms for the TIE Fighter he would make for me as a gift. It is one I cherish even today!

To get an idea of the shear size difference between the tiny 1:72 TIE that Robert made for me, and the Studio Scale Model (that Robert also built for me), I placed them directly next to each other in one photo. Remember… they are DIRECTLY next to each other. You can even see the 1:72 TIE’s shadow on the Studio Scale TIE’s wing.

R.L. Bleecker did amazing work scratch building the wings with their fine details… even so small! An amazing job indeed!

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