1:48 Millennium Falcon & Base built by Alfred Wong and Tobias Richter



This beautiful piece was built by two model masters! Alfred Wong and Tobias Richter (who is also the owner of this great piece). Alfred mastered and built this beautiful Millennium Falcon while Tobias Richter scratch built the base it sits upon. A wonderful piece in an already impressive collection!

Here is what Tobias had to say…

The Falcon model and buildup was done by Alfred Wong, an expert model maker.

He added some basic lighting – in the cockpit, the gunner areas and the engine. Alfred is also a well known master-maker for various Sci Fi Kits – and this is one of his masterpieces. The model has also a fully modeled landing gear.

Since I didn´t want to let it stand on it´s own feet, I had to built something to put it on. So I just sat down and began putting together styrene sheets and some leftover stuff from older kits. The result is the first scratch built model I did in a very long time. There are some LEDs and light bulbs as well to breath a little life into this. The base also holds the cable support for the falcon.

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