1:48 2001 Aries 1B by Adam K Johnson of AJA Models

Professional modeler Adam K. Johnson really captured my attention… and a huge part of my imagination when he showed this fantastic piece to me! I had only viewed it as the upcoming kit that Adam and Scott Spicer had put together for release through AJA Models! I must admit to being in AWE with this piece. It is so well done that it could be used for a short film today! The subtle paint job is one of the best I have seen on any 2001 miniature… and I have seen many.

AriesBuildRecord (3)

Here are a few words regarding this piece from master artist Adam K. Johnson of AJA Models…

This is a precision 1/48th scale (or 1/3rd studio scale) museum quality model of the Aries 1B. Correct and accurate to the smallest detail, the model was created from the original MGM model shop schematics and dozens of behind-the-scenes close-up pictures.  The model has over 150 pieces and has been engineered to ‘snap’ together easily.  The main body is a revolutionary single pressure-cast piece. The landing legs retract and open identically to the filming miniature prop!

At over 10″ wide and 13″ tall, this is a sight to behold!

For photographing this piece, I used a Tungsten balanced 300 watt light for all the shots with the Camera set a an F-stop of 12.

Adam K. Johnson

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