1:4105 New Series Battlestar Galactica BSG-75 patterned by Scott Spicer

Once again this artist impresses me with his pattern and prototyping skills! Master modeler Scott Spicer, along with the assistance of another professional model maker Kobe Lorang, made this master for kits to be sold by TimeSlip Creations. The detail is INCREDIBLE!

Here is what Scott has to say…

This is the master pattern of the Galactica from the new Sci-Fi series, created for Timeslip Creations. This is another extremely detailed Battlestar design from the world of BSG. The basic ship sections and components, the ‘ribs’ and ‘spacers’, were precision laser cut and fitted by Kobe Lorang. Then SRS Prototyping assembled the ribs and spacers into the basic kit components, body engines, etc., and then were precisely detailed to match as closely as possible the filming model! This model kit is still available for purchase from Timeslip Creations.


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