1:32 Neuenrhein TT-1 Target Tug – Scratch & Bash by Dieter Bihlmaier

Once again I am in awe of master builder Dieter Bihlmaier’s talents! Here we view a custom fighter made from some very recognizable planes to make this SUPER Fighter! Simply stated… I LOVE IT!!

Here is what professional artist Dieter Bihlmaier has to say regarding this piece…

This is a `WHAT IF`plane in 32nd scale. Because it´s a Swiss aircraft I called it Neuenrhein TT-1 Target Tug.
The model is a kit-bash, mating a slightly converted Hasegawa P-51 fuselage with a Trumpeter wing section of a MiG-15. The canopy comes from a 1:48 AMT/ESCI A-10.

Greetings from Germany and all the best!


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